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VYDAC Silica, produced by a novel process, was introduced by The Separations Group in the early 1980s. Starting with pure organosilicates, as opposed to the natural silica sols employed for other silica gels, the process results in very-high-purity metal-free spheroidal silica with well-controlled characteristics and a large pore size. Derivatized by the covalent surface addition of hydrocarbon chains of various lengths, VYDAC silica proves to be an ideal medium for high-performance reversed-phase chromatography of proteins, peptides, and other large molecules that had previously been difficult to separate by reversed-phase HPLC procedures.

Vydac ODS Series Vydac 218TP C18 300Å Series Vydac 218MS C18 300Å Series
Vydac 214TP C4 300Å Series Vydac 214MS C4 300Å Series Vydac 214ATP C4 300Å Series
Vydac 208TP C8 300Å Series Vydac 208MS C8 300Å Series Vydac 219TP Diphenyl 300Å Series
Vydac 219MS Diphenyl 300Å Series Vydac 238TP C18 300Å Series Vydac 238MS C18 300Å Series
Vydac 150HC C18 150Å Series Vydac 201TP C18 300Å (PAH Analysis) Series Vydac 202TP C18 300Å (PAH Analysis) Series
Vydac DENALI 120Å Series Vydac EVEREST C18 300Å Series Vydac 302IC (Anion Exchange) Series
Vydac Accessories Vydac BioSelect C18 300Å Vydac BioSelect C4 300Å

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