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ZirChrom Separations produces HPLC columns based on Zirconia (Zirconium Oxide) particles. These columns are more rugged and durable than silica based columns and more efficient than polymer based columns. ZirChrom normal phase and reversed phase columns can be used across the entire pH range (1-14) and are thermally stable to 200°C.

  • DiamondBond C18 - ideal for microbore applications and acidic compounds, pH range 1-14.
  • PBD - for general purpose applications and basic compounds; similar to ODS for non-electrolytes. pH range 1-14.
  • PS - ideal for highly aqueous mobile phases; an alternative to ODS selectivity. pH range 1-14.
  • CARB - for diastereomers/geometric isomers; greatest difference in selectivity compared to ODS. pH range 1-14.
  • PHASE - the bare zirconia particle. The columns are used as a normal phase alternative to silica. pH range 1-14.
  • EZ - unique selectivity with mobile phase selectivity. pH range 1-10.
  • MS - low column bleed makes it ideal for microbore applications. pH range 1-10.

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ZirChrom Comparision of Zirconia, Silica and Polymeric material

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