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Trademarks of Other Manufacturers

The trademarks listed below are the property of the corresponding listed entities. This trademark list has been compiled using available published information and may not accurately reflect current trademark ownership.

ABC Vial™ Wheaton Science Products abalonase™ Ango Science SpA ABI™ Kratos International, Inc. ACE® Advanced Chromatography Technologies ACQUITY™ Waters Technologies Corporation ADAMANT™ Macherey-Nagel Aera-Seal™ EXCEL Scientific Inc. Agilent® Agilent Technologies, Inc. Agilent Technologies® Agilent Technologies, Inc. Alliance® Waters Technologies Corporation Aminex® Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Ampule Cracker™ Dyn-A-Med Products AN1™ Cetac Anodisc® Whatman International Limited Anopore™ Whatman International Limited Antibodix™ Sepax Technologies, Inc. Apiezon® Biddle Instruments Aquapore™ Perkin Elmer Corporation ASCENTIS® Sigma-Aldrich Biotechnology LP ASI™ ASI BALSTON® Parker Intangibles LLC Beckman® Beckman Coulter, Inc. Bio Rad™ Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. BP™ SGE Internationl Pty. Ltd. BPX™ SGE Internationl Pty. Ltd. Brownlee™ Perkin Elmer Corporation Buna-N® E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company Cali-5-Bond™ Calibrated Instruments Carbitol® Union Carbide Corp. Carbograph™ Carbochimica Romana S.r.l. CARBOGRAPH™ Lara Laboratori Analitici Di Ricerca Associati Srl Carbomix® Sepax Technologies, Inc. Carbopack™ Sigma-Aldrich Carbowax® Union Carbide Corp. Cellosolve® Union Carbide Corp. Chemipack® Gaskukuro Kogyo Co., Ltd. Chiraldex® Advanced Separation Technologies Inc. Chirobiotic™ Advanced Separation Technologies Inc. Chromaflex™ DWK Life Science CHROMATOTANK™ General Glass Blowing ChromGas™ Parker Instrumentation ChromJet™ Thermo Separations Chromosorb® Manville Products ChromTRAC™ Rheodyne Chrysalis® Matheson Tri-Gas Clean-Cut™ VICI-Jour Click-N-Seal® Diba Industries Inc. CP-Sil™ Varian Chrompack CP-Wax™ Varian Chrompack Cyclobond™ Advanced Separation Technologies Inc. Cyclodex-B™ Agilent Technologies Inc. CycloGraph™ Analtech CycloSil-B™ Agilent Technologies Inc. DB-ALC1™ Agilent Technologies Inc. DB-ALC2™ Agilent Technologies Inc. DB™ Agilent Technologies Inc. Delrin® E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company Delta-Prep™ Waters Technologies Corporation Dexsil® Dexsil Chemical Co. DiamondBond™ ZirChrom Separations, Inc. Dibafit™ Diba Industries, Inc. Drierite® W.A. Hammond Co. Drummond® Drummond Scientific Company Duralife™ Rheodyne DURAWAX™ Agilent Technologies Inc. Easy-Flange™ VICI-Jour Eppendorf™ Eppendorf EZStart™ Shimadzu FAMEWAX™ Restek Corp. FiberLight® Heraeus Noblelight GmbH FlexColumn™ DWK Life Science Florisil® U.S. Silica Company Freon® E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company GASTIGHT™ Hamilton Company Generik™ Sepax Technologies, Inc. Gilson® Gilson Glenlivet® J.G. Smith Gow-Mac® Gow-Mac Instrument Co. Grip-tight™ Chromatography Technology Services Corp. GS-CarbonPLOT™ Agilent Technologies Inc. GS-GasPro™ Agilent Technologies Inc. Guard-Disc® Sarasep Inc. Hastalloy C® Cabot Corp. Hastalloy® Cabot Corp. HayeSep® Hayes Separation, Inc. Hitachi® Kabushiki Kaisha Hitachi Seisakusho (d.b.a. Hitachi, Ltd.) HP™ Agilent Technologies Inc. HYDROGEN MATE® Parker Intangibles LLC Hypercarb® Thermo Hypersil Limited Company Hypersil® Thermo Hypersil Limited Company Igepal® GAF Corp. Inertsil™GL Sciences, Inc. Innowax™ Agilent Technologies Inc. Interaction® Interaction Chemical IonPac® Dionex Corporation iPad® Apple Inc. Jasco® Jasco, Inc. JUN-AIR® Jun-Air A/S Corp. Kalrez® E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company Kel-F® Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co. Kevlar® E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company Kimble™ DWK Life Science Kontes™ DWK Life Science Kromasil™ EKA Chemicals AB Corporation Krytox® E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company Labpette™ National Labnet Leak-tec® American Gas and Chemical Co. LiChrosorb® Merck KGaA Limited LiChrospher® Merck KGaA Limited LO-Pulse® Scientific Systems, Inc. Lotrimin® Schering Corp. MicroBarb® Diba Industries Inc. MICROLITER™ Hamilton Company MicroMATE™ Matheson Tri-Gas Microseal® MJ Research, Incorporated Microsep® Canton Biomedical Micro-Spin® Parker Hannifin UK Limited Mininert® Valco Instruments Company, Inc. Molindicator® Milton Roy Company MPLC™ Perkin Elmer Corporation ms-NoVent™ SGE Internationl Pty. Ltd. Multi-Tier™ J.G. Finneran Assoicates, Inc. MX™ Rheodyne nanoACQUITY™ Waters Technologies Corporation Nanofilm® Sepax Technologies, Inc. NewGuard™ Perkin Elmer Corporation NO-OX Tubing™ Systec Inc. Nova-Pak™ Waters Technologies Corporation Nucleosil® Macherey-Nagel Nukol™ Sigma-Aldrich Nylatron® Polymer Corp. OmegaWAX™ Sigma-Aldrich Omni-Lok™ Long-Lok Fasteners Corp. Omnifit® Diba Industries, Inc. OPTI-MAX® Optimize Technologies, Inc. OPTI-PRIME™ Optimize Technologies, Inc. OPTI-Seal® Optimize Technologies, Inc. OV® Ohio Valley Specialty Chemical, Inc. Oxi-Clear® Lab Clear Inc. Oxisorb® Messer Griesham Industrugasse Partisil™ Whatman Group Partisphere™ Whatman Group PAT® Systec Inc. PEEK™ Victrex Limited PeakSimple™ SRI PEEKsil™ SGE Internationl Pty. Ltd. PerformancePLUS™ Waters Technologies Corporation PerkinElmer® PerkinElmer, Inc. Pharma-Fix™ West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. PIC® Waters Technologies Corporation Poly Crimp™ J.G. Finneran Assoicates, Inc. Poly-A® Arch Chemicals Inc. Polygram™ Macherey-Nagel & Company Poly-I® Scott & Sons Company Poly-S® Scott & Sons Company Porapak™ Waters Associates, Inc. Porasil® Waters Associates, Inc. Porous-Sil® OHIO VALLEY Proteomix® Sepax Technologies, Inc. PRP™ Hamilton Company Pyrex™ Corning Glass Works Quadrex® Quadrex Corporation Quick-Connect® Quadrex Corporation radiello® Restek Corp. RAM™ J.G. Finneran Assoicates, Inc. Reoplex® Rheodyne RheBuild® Rheodyne RheFlex® Rheodyne Rheodyne® Rheodyne RSL™ Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Rt-Alumina™ Restek Corp. Rt-Msieve™ Restek Corp. Rtx® Restek Corp. S.C.A.T europe® SCAT-Europe GmbH SampleLock™ Hamilton Company SealPlate™ EXCEL Scientific Inc. SelectPRO® Rheodyne Septa-Jar™ I-Chem SE™ General Electric Co. Sepax Technologies® Sepax Technologies, Inc. Shimadzu® Shimadzu Corporation Shortix™ SGT Silar™ Silar Corp. Snap Rack™ J.G. Finneran Assoicates, Inc. Snap TOP™ J.G. Finneran Assoicates, Inc. SPB™ Sigma-Aldrich Spectra-Physics® Spectra-Physics, Inc. Spectroline® Spectronics Corp. Spheri-10™ Perkin Elmer Corporation Spheri-5™ Perkin Elmer Corporation Spherisorb® Waters Technologies Corporation SP™ Sigma-Aldrich SRT® Sepax Technologies, Inc. Stabilwax® Restek Corp. SUPELCOWAX® Sigma-Aldrich SuperfleX™ SGE Internationl Pty. Ltd. SUPEROX® Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Super Seal™ Chromatography Technology Services Corp. Swagelok® Swagelok Company System Gold® Beckman Coulter, Inc. T.O.P. Hat™ J.G. Finneran Assoicates, Inc. Taxol® Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Tedlar® E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company Teflon® E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company Tefzel® E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company Tekmar™ Teledyne Technologies Inc. Tenax® Buchem B. V. Corporation TITESEAL™ Kimble-Kontes Glass Inc. Top Seal™ J.G. Finneran Assoicates, Inc. Triton® Rohm and Haas Corp. Tygon® Norton Company Tygon® Norton Company Ultrasphere® Beckman Instruments Inc. Ultra-Spin™ Nalge Nunc International Ultra-Ware™ Kimble-Kontes Glass Inc. Unibeads® Gaskukuro Kogyo Co., Ltd. UNIBOND™ Analtech UNIPLATES™ Analtech UniPrep™ Whatman Group Unix™ Sepax Technologies, Inc. Valco® Valco Cincinnati, Inc. Valco® Valco Cincinnati, Inc. Versamid® General Mills Chemicals Inc. Versa-Vials™ J.G. Finneran Assoicates, Inc. Vespel® E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company Viton® E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company VOCOL™ Sigma-Aldrich Waters® Waters Technologies Corporation WebSeal™ Chromacol Limited Windows® Microsoft Corporation Wiretrol® Drummond Co. ZB-WAX™ Phenomenex, Inc. Zenix® Sepax Technologies, Inc. ZirChrom® ZirChrom Separations, Inc. Zorbax® Agilent Technologies Inc.
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