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Trademarks of Other Manufacturers

The trademarks listed below are the property of the corresponding listed entities. This trademark list has been compiled using available published information and may not accurately reflect current trademark ownership.

abalonase™ Ango Science SpA ABI™ Applied Biosystems LLC Accucore™ Thermo Scientific ACE™ Advanced Chromatography Technologies ACQUITY™ Waters Technologies Corporation ADAMANT™ ADAMANT NOTAIRES, SASU AERIS™,® Applied Materials, Inc. Agilent™ Agilent Technologies, Inc. Agilent Technologies™ Agilent Technologies, Inc. Alliance™ Waters Technologies Corporation Alltech™ Alltech Associates, Inc. Altex™,® Altex Electronics, Ltd. Aminex™ Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Anodisc™ Global Life Sciences Solutions Germany GmbH Anopore™,® Global Life Sciences Solutions Germany GmbH Antec™ ANTEC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Antibodix™ Sepax Technologies, Inc. Apiezon™,® M&I Materials Ltd. Aquapore™ AQUAPORE MOISTURE SYSTEMS AquaSil™,® DENTSPLY SIRONA INC. ASCENTIS® Sigma-Aldrich Co. ASI™ ASI ASTM™ ASTM S.p.A ATLANTIS™,® Waters Technologies Corporation AVCS™ Thermo Scientific BAKERBOND™ VWR International Ltd. BALSTON™ Parker Intangibles LLC Beckman Coulter™ Beckman Coulter, Inc. Beckman™,® Beckman Coulter, Inc. BetaBasic™ Thermo Scientific BetaMax™ Thermo Scientific BetaSil™,® THERMO HYPERSIL-KEYSTONE LLC Bio Rad™ Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. BioBasic™ Thermo Scientific BIO-INERT™,® PALL CORPORATION BioLC™ Thermo Scientific BOND ELUT™ Agilent Technologies, Inc. Bottom-of-the-Bottle™,® Gay, Kevin M Brownlee™ Perkin Elmer Corporation CAPCELL™,® CAPINTEC, INC. Carbitol™ Union Carbide Corp. CARBOGRAPH™ Lara Laboratori Analitici Di Ricerca Associati Srl Carbomix™ Sepax Technologies, Inc. Carbopack™ Merck KGaA CarboPac™ DIONEX CORPORATION Carbosieve™ Sigma-Aldrich Co. Carbotrap™ Sigma-Aldrich Co. Carbowax™,® Union Carbide Corp. Cellosolve™,® Union Carbide Corp. Cheminert™,® Valco Instruments Co., Inc. Chiraldex™,® Sigma-Aldrich Co. Chirobiotic™ Advanced Separation Technologies, Inc. ChloroFiltr™,® UCT, Inc. CHROMABOND™,® Macherey-Nagel Chromaflex™ DWK Life Science Chromeleon™ DIONEX CORPORATION ChromGas™ Parker Instrumentation Chromosorb® JOHNS-MANVILLE CORPORATION Chromseal™ Thermo Scientific Chrysalis® iQmetrix Global Ltd. Clarus™,® Zoeller Pump Company, LLC CLEAN-UP™ Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP Click-N-Seal™,® Diba Industries, Inc. Click-On™ UNOMEDICAL A/S COOL POCKET™ Liberty Safe and Security Products, Inc. COREGEL™,® Stryker Corporation CORTECS™,® Waters Technologies Corporation CP-PORABOND Q™ Agilent Technologies, Inc. CTC Analytics™ CTC Analytics AG Cyclobond™ Sigma-Aldrich Co. DB™ Agilent Technologies, Inc. Defender™ Thermo Scientific Delrin® E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company Dexsil® Dexsil Chemical Co. DiamondBond™ ZirChrom Separations, Inc. Dibafit™ PURSHOTTAM SAYAL BHALOTIA DIN™ Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V. DIONEX™ DIONEX CORPORATION DNAPac™ DIONEX CORPORATION DNASEP™ ADS BOITEC, INC. Drierite™,® W.A. Hammond Co. Drummond™ Drummond Scientific Company DuPont™ E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company Duralife™ TerraSource Blobal Corporation EASY-Spray™ Thermo Scientific EPA™ EPA GmbH Eppendorf™ Eppendorf EVOLUTE™,® BIOTAGE AB CORPORATION Exactive™ Thermo Scientific eXtractor3D||FV® Scientific Plastic Products, Inc. eXtreme|FV™ Scientific Plastic Products, Inc. EZStart™,® Hydropool Industries, Inc. FiberLight™,® Heraeus Noblelight GmbH Florisil™,® U.S. Silica Company Freon® E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company GASTIGHT™ Hamilton Company Gemini™ Phenomenex, Inc. Generik™ Sepax Technologies, Inc. GENESIS™,® Fidem Pharmaceuticals Inc . Gilson™,® Gilson Glenlivet™ THE GLENLIVET DISTILLERS LIMITED GOAL™ Dow AgroSciences Gow-Mac™,® Gow-Mac Instrument Co. GRACE™ W.R. Grace & Co.-Conn. Grip-tight™,® Grip Tight, LLC Halo™ Advanced Materials Technology Hamilton™ Hamilton International AG HayeSep™,® Hayes Separation, Inc. Hitachi™,® Kabushiki Kaisha Hitachi Seisakusho (d.b.a. Hitachi, Ltd.) HP™ Agilent Technologies, Inc. HYDROGEN MATE® Parker Intangibles LLC Hypercarb™,® Thermo Hypersil Limited Company HyperREZ™,® Floorguard Products, Inc. Hypersil GOLD aQ™ Thermo Hypersil-Keystone, Inc. Hypersil GOLD™ Thermo Scientific Hypersil™ Thermo Scientific HyPURITY™ Thermo Scientific I-D™ Westridge Laboratories, Inc. Inertsil™,® GL Sciences, Inc. Interaction™ Interaction Chemical IonPac™,® DIONEX CORPORATION iPad™ Apple, Inc. ISOLUTE™ Biotage AB Jasco™,® Jasco, Inc. Javelin® Nvision Biomedical Technologies, Inc. J'SPHERE™,® YMC CO., LTD JUN-AIR® Jun-Air A/S Corp. Jupiter™ Phenomenex, Inc. Kalrez™,® E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company Kevlar™,® E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company Kimble™ DWK Life Science Kinetex™,® Phenomenex, Inc. Knauer™,® KNAZER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH Kontes™ DWK Life Science Kromasil™ EKA Chemicals AB Corporation Krytox™ E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company Leak-tec™,® American Gas and Chemical Co. Leap™,® Leap Technologies, Inc. LiChrosorb™,® Merck KGaA Limited LiChrospher™,® Merck KGaA Limited L-Mark™ LMK Properties Limited Lotrimin™,® BAYWER EAST COAST LLC. LTQ FT™ Thermo Finnigan, LLC Luer-Lok™,® BECTON, DICKINSON AND COMPANY Luna™ Phenomenex, Inc. Marathon™ SPAR ROOFING &METAL SUPLIES LIMITED MEGA|FV™ Scientific Plastic Products, Inc. Merlin™,® Merlin International, Inc. Micro+™,® Genan A/S MicroBarb™,® Diba Industries, Inc. MICROLITER™ Hamilton Company MicroMATE™ Matheson Tri-Gas Microsep™,® Emcee Electronics, Inc. Micro-Vi® CHROMACOL LIMITED COMPANY Micro-V™,® Aspen Pumps Limited Mininert™,® Valco Instruments Company, Inc. MP35N® SPS TECHNOLOGIES, LLC MPLC™ Perkin Elmer Corporation ms-NoVent™ SGE Internationl Pty. Ltd. MX™ Rheodyne NALGENE™ Nalge Nunc International Co. Nalophan™,® KALLE GMBH Nano|Filter Vial™ Scientific Plastic Products, Inc. nanoACQUITY™ Waters Technologies Corporation Nanofilm® Sepax Technologies, Inc. nanoViper™,® Dionex Softron GmbH NewGuard™ BIOCORP PRODUCTION NO-OX Tubing® Systec, Inc. Nova-Pak™ Waters Technologies Corporation NUCLEODUR™,® Macherey-Nagel Nucleoshell™,® Macherey-Nagel Nucleosil™,® Macherey-Nagel Nylatron® Polymer Corp. Oasis™ Waters Technologies Corporation OligoSep™ ADS BOITEC, INC. OmegaWAX™ Sigma-Aldrich Co. Omnifit™,® Diba Industries, Inc. Omni-Lok™ Long-Lok Fasteners Corp. OmniPac™,® DIONEX CORPORATION OPTI-MAX™,® Optimize Technologies, Inc. OPTI-PRIME™ ENSIGN-BICKFORD COMPANY OPTI-Seal™,® Optimize Technologies, Inc. Orbitrap™ Thermo Scientific OV™ Ohio Valley Specialty Chemical, Inc. Oxi-Clear® Church & Dwight Co. Oxisorb™,® Messer Griesham Industrugasse PAL™ CTC Analytics AG Parker™ Parker Hannefin Corporation Partisil™ VWR International Ltd. Partisphere™ Whatman Group PAT® LidoChem, Inc. Peco™,® Molekule, Inc. PEEKsil™ Trajan Scientific Australia Pty Ltd. PEEK™ VICTREX PLC IT PerfectPeak™ Mott Corporation PerformancePLUS™,® Scholl's Wellness Company LLC PerkinElmer™ PerkinElmer, Inc. Pharma-Fix™ PERMA-FIX SLUDGE TREATMENT SSTEMS, INC. Phenomenex™ Phonemenex, Inc. PICOFRIT™,® New Objective, Inc. PIC™ Waters Technologies Corporation Pinnacle™ Restek Corporation Plate+™ Thermo Scientific Polar Plus™ VWR International Holdings, Inc. Poly-A® Arch Chemicals, Inc. Polygram™ Macherey-Nagel & Company Poly-I™,® Rucker Capital Advisors LLC Polymicro™ Molex, LLC, USA POLYPORE™,® Agilent Technologies, Inc. Poly-S® Scott & Sons Company POLYSORB™,® Multisorb Technologies, Inc. Polyspring™,® National Scientific Company Porapak™,® Waters Associates, Inc. Poroshell™,® Agilent Technologies, Inc. PPC™,® PPC BROADBAND, INC. PRIMESEP™,® SIELC Technologies Prodigy™,® Springfield, Inc. ProPac™ Thermo Scientific ProSwift™ DIONEX CORPORATION Proteomix™,® Sepax Technologies, Inc. PRP™ Hamilton Company PTFE™ INDUSTRIAS AUGE, S.A.DE C.V. Purospher™ MERCK KGAA Pyrex™ Corning Glass Works Quadrex™,® Quadrex Corporation Quasar™ PerkinElmer Health Sciences, Inc. Quick-Connect® JOI HOLDING LLC radiello™,® ISTITUTI CLINICI SCIENTIFICI MAUGERI SPA SB RAM® ATCO LTD. Reoplex™ Great Lakes Chemical Corporation Restek™ Restek Corporation Retain™,® The Dow Chemical Company RheBuild® Rheodyne Rheodyne® Rheodyne RSL™ ROGERSOUND LABS LLC Rt-Alumina™ Restek Corporation Rtx™ Restek Corporation S.C.A.T europe™ SCAT-Europe GmbH SampliQ™,® Agilent Technologies, Inc. Scentroid™ IDES CANADA, INC. SealPlate™ EXCEL Scientific, Inc. SelectPRO® Solutia Inc. Sepax Technologies® Sepax Technologies, Inc. Sep-Pak™,® Waters Technologies Corporation Septa BTO™ Chromatography Research Supplies SE™ Sharrow Engineering, LLC SGE™,® Trajan Scientific Australia Pty Ltd. Shimadzu™,® Shimadzu Corporation Shodex™,® SHOWA DENKO K.K. CORPORATION Silar™ Silar Corp. SilFlow™ Trajan Scientific Australia Pty Ltd. SilTek™,® SilcoTek Corporation SilTite™ Trajan Scientific Australia Pty Ltd. SINGLE StEP™ Scientific Plastic Products, Inc. SMART Digest™ Thermo Scientific Snap TOP™ Helmut Seitz GmbH SOLA™ Thermo Scientific SPB™ Sigma-Aldrich Co. Spectra-Physics™ Spectra-Physics, Inc. Spectroline™,® Spectronics Corp. Spheri-10™ Perkin Elmer Corporation Spherisorb™ Waters Technologies Corporation SP™ Sigma-Aldrich Co. SRT® Sepax Technologies, Inc. SSI™ Specialty Surgical Instrumentation, Inc. Stabilwax™ Restek Corporation STRATA™,® Filtration Technology Corporation STYRE SCREEN™ UCT, INC. SUNFIRE™,® Waters Technologies Corporation SUNSHELL™ Marca Proteccion Laboral, S.L. Supelco™,® Merck KGaA SUPELCOWAX™ Sigma-Aldrich Co. Super Seal™ American Polymers Corp. SuperfleX™ Lyondell Chemical Technology LP SUPEROX™ AQUARDEN TECHNOLOGIES ApS Supra-Clean™ PerkinElmer Health Sciences, Inc. Supra-Poly™ PerkinElmer Health Sciences, Inc. SureStop™ Thermo Scientific Swagelok™ Swagelok Company SYMMETRY™ Waters Technologies Corporation SYNERGI™ SYNERGI, LLC Target™ National Scientific Company Taxol™ Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Tedlar™,® E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company Teflon™,® E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company Tefzel™,® E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company Tekmar™ Teledyne Technologies, Inc. Teledyne™,® Teledyne Technologies, Inc. Tenax™ Buchem B. V. Corporation Thermo Scientific™ Thermo Fischer Scientific, Inc. TITESEAL® Kimble-Kontes Glass, Inc. Top Seal™ MAILLEFER INSTRUMENTS HOLDING SARL Torion™,® SELLERS, TORION TOSOH™,® TOSOH CORPORATION Transcend™ Thermo Scientific TriPlus™ Thermo Scientific Triton® HGCI, Inc. TSKgel™,® TOSOH CORPORATION TSQ Quantum™ Thermo Finnigan, LLC TSQ Qunatum Ultra™ Thermo Finnigan, LLC Tuf-Bond™,® McWane, Inc. Tygon™,® Norton Company Ultem™ SHPP Global Technologies B.V. (Netherlands) UltraFast™,® SUPERSONIC IMAGINE société anonyme Ultrasphere™,® Bray International, Inc. Ultra-Spin™ Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Ltd. Ultra-Ware® Kimble-Kontes Glass, Inc. UNIBOND™,® AMADA MIYACHI AMERICA, INC. UNIFILTER™,® Generals Filters, Inc. UNIGUARD™,® Johnson & Johnson UniPrep™ Atotech Deutschland GmbH Unix™ Sepax Technologies, Inc. Valco™ Valco Cincinnati, Inc. VELCRO™,® VELCRO IP HOLDINGS LLC Verify™ Thermo Scientific Versamid® General Mills Chemicals, Inc. Versa-Vials™ HUBBEL INKORPORATED Vespel™,® E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company Virtuoso™ Thermo Scientific Viton™,® E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company Viva® Viva Biotech (Shanghai) Limited VOCOL™ Sigma-Aldrich Co. VYDAC™,® W.R.GRACE & CO.-CONN. Waters™ Waters Technologies Corporation WebSeal™ Thermo Scientific Windows™ Microsoft Corporation Wiretrol™ Drummond Co. XBRIDGE™,® Waters Technologies Corporation XCHANGE™ Applied Robotics, Inc. XRO™,® SOCIETE DE RECHERCHES TECHNIQUES DENTAIRES XTERRA™,® Waters Technologies Corporation YMCBASIC™,® YMC CO., LTD. YMC-Pack™,® YMC CO., LTD. Zenix™,® Sepax Technologies, Inc. ZirChrom™,® ZirChrom Separations, Inc. Zorbax™,® Agilent Technologies, Inc. μ-Bondapak™ Waters Technologies Corporation
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