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GL Sciences

GL Sciences InertCap Gas Chromatography Capillary Columns Series - The unique inner surface deactivation technology radically removes halogenated compounds, silanol groups, and the residual metals on the inner surface. It gives an excellent peak symmetry to highly adsorptive polar, acidic, basic, and metal. InertCap for GC/MS columns realize an extreme low bleed due to our superior polymerization technology.

Glass Columns InertCap 17MS/SIL InertCap 5HT
InertCap 624MS Stainless Steel Columns ToughCap Series
InertCap 1 InertCap 1HT InertCap 225
InertCap Aquatic InertCap 1MS InertCap 25
InertCap Aquatic-2 InertCap 1301 InertCap 35
InertCap CHIRAMIX InertCap 17 InertCap 35MS
InertCap FFAP InertCap 17MS InertCap 5
InertCap Pesticides InertCap 1701 InertCap 5MS/NP
InertCap Pure-WAX InertCap 1701MS InertCap 5MS/Sil
InertCap WAX InertCap 210 InertCap 624
InertCap for Amines InertCap WAX-HT Accessories

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