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Pre-Owned Parts

CPO Pre-Owned Parts

Certified pre-owned parts updated to the latest revision of their electronics. All batteries, capacitors fuses etc. are checked and replaced if needed. All parts go through a 24-hour continuous test. All refurbished parts are guaranteed to work like new and carry a 90-day warranty. Return credit is contingent on whether the module is repairable, and we cannot guarantee availability of all items at all times.

Certified Pre-Owned 6-position PAL Cooled Stack (PAL StkCooler) Certified Pre-Owned Control Board for GC PAL (APR Control-GC) Certified Pre-Owned Control Board for HTC PAL (APR Control-HTC)
Part Number: AG-CStack6DW-X
Part Number: AG-APR-Control-GC-X
Part Number: AG-APR-Control-HTC-X
$ 4355.00
$ 1688.00
$ 1498.00
Certified Pre-Owned Control Board for LC PAL (APR Control-LC) Certified Pre-Owned CPU Board for HTS and Combi PAL (APR CPU) Certified Pre-Owned CTC Handheld Control Terminal (MB 01-00)
Part Number: AG-APR-Control-LC-X
Part Number: AG-APR-CPU-X
$ 1744.00
$ 852.00
$ 919.00
Certified Pre-Owned CTC PAL Control Board for all xt-PAL models (APR Control-xt) Certified Pre-Owned Injection Head for Combi PAL (MZ 02-00) Certified Pre-Owned Injection Head for HTS - HTC PAL (MZ 01-00)
Part Number: AG-APR-Control-xt-X
Part Number: AG-MZ-02-00-X
Part Number: AG-MZ-01-00-X
$ 1900.00
$ 5630.00
$ 5630.00
Certified Pre-Owned Injection Head for LC and GC PAL (MZ 06-00) Certified Pre-Owned MOTIO Board for PAL System (APR MOTIO) Certified Pre-Owned PAL Coolstack 12 position (Coolstack and MN 03-00)
Part Number: AG-MZ-06-00-X
Part Number: AG-APR-Motio-X
Part Number: AG-CStack12DW-X
$ 4350.00
$ 1081.00
$ 4865.00
Certified Pre-Owned PAL Power Supply (MN 01-00) Certified Pre-Owned Power Supply for CTC PAL Stack Coolers and TrayCoolers (MN 03-00) DLW Pump Check Valve
Part Number: AG-MN-01-00-X
Part Number: AG-MN-03-00-X
Part Number: AG-DLW-ChkVlv
$ 734.00
$ 765.00
$ 146.00
PAL Injection Head PCB (Rev D or higher)
Part Number: AG-PAL-MZCtrl-X
$ 750.00

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