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Kits and Tools for LCs

Replacement Inserts for 1/16" Tubing Dressing Tool RT-20188, ea. Restek HPLC PEEK Performance Kit Restek Injector Lubricant, PTFE, 10g, Similar to Agilent # 79841-65501, ea.
Part Number: RT-20189
Part Number: RT-26394
Part Number: RT-26520
$ 33.60
$ 232.00
$ 33.60
Restek LC Piston Seal Insertion Tool, ea. Restek Outlet Cap and Gold Seal Assembly Tool, ea. Restek PEEK Fitting Extractor for HPLC, ea.
Part Number: RT-21356
Part Number: RT-24989
Part Number: RT-25325
$ 63.00
$ 90.00
$ 53.55
Restek PEEK Survival Kit for HPLC Restek Replacement Blade For Clean-Cut Tubing Cutter, ea. Restek Survival Kit for HPLC Stainless Steel
Part Number: RT-25322
Part Number: RT-25070
Part Number: RT-25097
$ 370.65
$ 9.00
$ 450.45
Restek Tool, 1/16" Dressing Tool, ea. Restek Tool, 1/8" Dressing Tool, ea. Restek Tool, Replacement Needle for 1/8" Dressing Tool, ea.
Part Number: RT-20188
Part Number: RT-20190
Part Number: RT-20191
$ 126.00
$ 173.25
$ 45.15
Restek Tubing Clip For 1/16" and 1/8" Tubing, pk.5 Restek ValvTool Wrench For 1/4" Nuts, ea. Tubing Cutter, Clean-Cut, Cuts polymeric tubing up to 1/8" OD, ea.
Part Number: RT-25310
Part Number: RT-25321
Part Number: RT-25069
$ 30.45
$ 43.05
$ 51.45

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