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The Universal Guard Selectivity Chiral is easy to use with silica based Chiral phases like:

Agela Chiral Series, Astec Cyclobond Series, ChromegaChiral Series, Daicel Chiralcel Series, Daicel Chiralpak Series, Knauer Eurocell, Kromasil Amycoat, Kromasil Cellucoat, Phenomenex Lux Cellulose Series, Phenomenex Lux Amylose, RegisCell, RegisPack, ReproSil Chiral Series, Shiseido Chiral CD-Ph, Sumichiral OA 7000 Series.

Universal Guard System (UGS) Brochure

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Qty / Buy

UGKCHIRAL UGS Starter Kit, Chiral, incl. 5 Cartridges & Holder $ 213.00
UGCCHIRAL UGS, Chiral Cartridges, pk.10 $ 231.00
UPGKCHIRAL UGS PREP Starter Kit, Chiral, incl. 2 Cartridges & Holder $ 357.00
UPGCCHIRAL UGS PREP, Chiral Cartridges, pk.2 $ 219.00
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