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Universal Guard System - C18 (ODS) WidePore 300Å

The Universal Guard Selectivity WidePore C18 (ODS) with 300Å for Protein and Peptide analytic is easy to use with WidePore C18 phases like:

ACE C18-300, Agilent Poroshell 300 SB C18, Agilent Zorbax Extend 300Å C18, Agilent Zorbax 300Å SBC18, Alltech ProSpher C18, Astec C18, BioBasic C18, Ceri L-column ODS-P, Cosmosil C18-AR-300, Cosmosil Protein-R, Dionex Acclaim 300 C18, Inertsil WP300 C18, Jones Genesis 300 C18, Kromasil 300 C18, LiChrospher WP300 RP-18, MacroSep C18, Nucelosil 300 C18, Phenomenex Jupiter 300 C18, ProntoSil 300 H C18, Vydac 218TP, Vydac 218MS, Vydac 238TP, Restek Viva Wide Pore C18, Sepax Bio-C18-300, Shiseido Capcell PAK SG C18 300, Supleco Discovery Bio Wide Pore C18, Uptisphere 300A C18, Waters Symmetry 300Å C18, YMC ODS-A 300.

Universal Guard System (UGS) Brochure

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UGKC185 UGS Standard Starter Kit, C18 (ODS) WidePore 300Å, ea. price on request
UGCC185 UGS Standard Cartridges, C18 (ODS) WidePore 300Å, pk.10 price on request
UPGKC185 UGS PREP Starter Kit, C18 (ODS) WidePore 300Å, ea. price on request
UPGCC185 UGS PREP Cartridges, C18 (ODS) WidePore 300Å, pk.2 price on request
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