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Universal Guard System - C18 (ODS) Standard

USG C18 (ODS) Standard banner picture

The Universal Guard Selectivity Standard C18 (ODS) is easy to use with Standard C18 Columns like:

ACE C18, Agilent Zorbax Eclipse C18, Alltech Alltima C18, Ceri L-column ODS, Ceri L-column2 ODS, Chromegabond WR C18, Cosmosil C18-AR-II, Cosmosil C18-MS-II, Epic C18, GraceVisionHT C18 Basic, Grace VisionHT C18 Classic, Hamilton HxSil C18, Hypersil C18, Hypersil Gold C18, Inertsil ODS-2, Inertsil ODS-3, Kromasil C18, LiChrospher C18, Nucleosil C18, Phenomenex Luna C18, Phenomenex Luna C18(2), Restek Ultra C18, Restek Ultra II C18, Restek Pinnacle DB C18, Restek Pinnacle II C18, Shiseido Capcell C18, Supleco Ascentis C18, Ultrasphere C18, Uptisphere Startegy RP, Waters Sunfire C18, YMC ProC18, YMC ODS-A, and many more.

Universal Guard System (UGS) Brochure

Part Number



Qty / Buy

UHGKC181 UGS UHPLC Starter Kit, C18 (ODS) Standard (max. 800bar), ea. $ 395.00
UHGCC181 UGS UHPLC Cartridges, C18 (ODS) Standard (max. 800 bar), pk.2 $ 249.00
UGKC181 UGS Standard Starter Kit, C18 (ODS) Standard, ea. $ 340.00
UGCC181 UGS Standard Cartridges, C18 (ODS) Standard, pk.10 $ 285.00
UPGKC181 UGS PREP Starter Kit, C18 (ODS) Standard, ea. $ 395.00
UPGCC181 UGS PREP Cartridges, C18 (ODS) Standard, pk.2 $ 203.00
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