Static Mixers & Mixing Chambers

PerfectPeak® HPLC and UHPLC Static Mixers offer up to 80% Baseline Noise Reduction, Improved Detection Limits and are Easily Installed into any system.

PerfectPeak® HPLC Static Mixers are available in 25µL, 50µL, 100µL, and 150μL Versions and provide key benefits such as:

  • Pressure Rating 1378bar (20,000psi)
  • Passivated 316(L) Stainless Steel
  • Standard 1/16" 10-32 Thread Connection
  • Significant baseline noise reduction
  • Less dwell volume than comparable mixers
  • Compatibility with a wide range of flow rates
  • Quick installation into any HPLC system

Perfect Peak Static Mixers Brochure

Paper - Reducing HPLC/UHPLC System Noise and Volume with High Performance Static Mixers

PerfectPeak® Static Mixer 25µl, ea. PerfectPeak® Static Mixer 100µl, ea. PerfectPeak® Titanium (Bioinert) Static Mixer 100µl, ea.
Part Number: 220400
Part Number: 220402
Part Number: 220405
$ 1390.80
$ 1390.80
$ 1789.20