BGB Safety-Waste-Filter is an easy to use and essential part of the BGB safety program. The absorbent material is based on active charcoal and offers a safe and reliable protection against dangerous and harmful solvent vapors from the exhaust air. Available in three sizes for 3, 6 and 12 months service life time

  • Protection against harmful solvent vapors
  • Filter available in different sizes
  • Indicator version available
  • Special acid vapor version available
  • Thread of standard and acid vapor Safety-Waste-Filter is compatible with S.C.A.T® Waste Caps.

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Safety-Waste-Filter, Standard, SMALL (3 Months), ea. Safety-Waste-Filter, Standard, MEDIUM (6 Months), ea. Safety-Waste-Filter, Standard, LARGE, (12 Months), ea.
Part Number: SP-FSS
Part Number: SP-FSM
Part Number: SP-FSL
$ 79.00
$ 79.00
$ 164.00
Safety-Waste-Filter, with Indicator, ea. Safety-Waste-Filter, Acid Vapor, MEDIUM (3 Months), ea. Safety-Waste-Filter, Acid Vapor, LARGE (6 Months), ea.
Part Number: 211998-I
Part Number: SP-FAM
Part Number: SP-FAL
price on request
$ 150.00
$ 190.00
Safety-Waste-Filter, XL for Barrels (3 - 6 Months), ea. Safety-Waste-Filter, XXL for Barrels (9 - 12 Months), ea. Safety-Adapter, Straight Extension 50mm for Safety-Waste-Filter Port, ea.
Part Number: SP-FSXL
Part Number: SP-FSXXL
Part Number: SP-AFSE
$ 391.00
$ 630.00
$ 49.00
Safety-Adapter, 90° Extension 45mm for Safety-Waste-Filter Port, ea.
Part Number: SP-AF90E
$ 52.00