Universal Guard System - C18 (ODS) WidePore 300Å

The Universal Guard Selectivity WidePore C18 (ODS) with 300Å for Protein and Peptide analytic is easy to use with WidePore C18 phases like:

ACE C18-300, Agilent Poroshell 300 SB C18, Agilent Zorbax Extend 300Å C18, Agilent Zorbax 300Å SBC18, Alltech ProSpher C18, Astec C18, BioBasic C18, Ceri L-column ODS-P, Cosmosil C18-AR-300, Cosmosil Protein-R, Dionex Acclaim 300 C18, Inertsil WP300 C18, Jones Genesis 300 C18, Kromasil 300 C18, LiChrospher WP300 RP-18, MacroSep C18, Nucelosil 300 C18, Phenomenex Jupiter 300 C18, ProntoSil 300 H C18, Vydac 218TP, Vydac 218MS, Vydac 238TP, Restek Viva Wide Pore C18, Sepax Bio-C18-300, Shiseido Capcell PAK SG C18 300, Supleco Discovery Bio Wide Pore C18, Uptisphere 300A C18, Waters Symmetry 300Å C18, YMC ODS-A 300.

Universal Guard System (UGS) Brochure

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UGKC185 UGS Standard Starter Kit, C18 (ODS) WidePore 300Å, ea. $ 340.00
UGCC185 UGS Standard Cartridges, C18 (ODS) WidePore 300Å, pk.10 $ 285.00
UPGKC185 UGS PREP Starter Kit, C18 (ODS) WidePore 300Å, ea. $ 395.00
UPGCC185 UGS PREP Cartridges, C18 (ODS) WidePore 300Å, pk.2 $ 203.00