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PEEKsil Tubing (Fused Silica lined PEEK)

PEEKsil is PEEK sheathed fused silica tubing. The PEEK polymer exterior coating and the fused silica combination makes PEEKsil very robust. PEEKsil is therefore capable of withstanding high pressures, making it ideal for capillary LC and LC-MS applications. The fused silica internal wall of PEEKsil provides an exceptionally smooth surface, free of imperfections, which ensures excellent flow characteristics. Stainless steel, in contrast, has a very rough and pitted inner wall surface, which has detrimental effects on the performance of a liquid chromatography system. PEEKsil is compatible with most organic solvents. PEEKsil is resistant to strong acids and has an effective pH range of 0-10. PEEKsil is not compatible with hydrofluoric acid. The sample and mobile phase do not come into contact with metal in PEEKsil tubing.

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