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TSH - UV Transparent Coating

Delivering industry-leading performance including tight ID and OD tolerances, Polymicro Technologies™ polyimide coated TSP and high-temperature TSG capillary tubing ensures precise flow-rate control of liquids and gases for Scientific, Industrial and Medical application

Features and Benefits
  • Mirror-smooth interior surfaces for stable flow of liquids and gases
  • Low metal ion content provides an inert inner surface
  • UV transparent external coatings (when comparing to polyimide coated capillary tubing)
  • Resists temperatures up to +125ºC
  • Transparent coating allows for photo-initiation within the capillary ID
  • On-column LIF monitoring within UV-Vis wavelengths without removing the coating
  • Allows capillary to have light-guiding capabilities
  • Light transmits through an annular core; high effective NA
  • Provides for evanescent sensing of fluids within the capillary ID

Scientific Applications: Analytical Chemistry, Chromatographyic Techniques, Micro- and Nanofluidics, On-Column Monitoring, Evanescence Based Sensing, Coaxial Light and Fluidic Devices
Medical Applications: Precision Drug Delivery, Flow Control Systems, Clinical and Diagnostics Devices, Wearable Drug Delivery Devices Scientific

Ordering Information and Specifications
Product DescriptionInner Diameter (µm)Outer Diameter (µm)Coating Thickness (µm)
TSH-050375050 ± 03363 ± 1020
TSH-075375075 ± 03363 ± 1020
TSH-100375100 ± 04363 ± 1020
Note: TSU is a Deep-UV Transparent Coating Radial Transmission > 90% @ 214nm and TSH is a UV Transparent Coating Radial Transmission > 10% @ 310nm

Part Number



Qty / Buy

TSH-100375 TSH UV-Transparent FS Tubing, 100µm ID, 363µm OD, m - MOQ 10m $ 34.40
Minimum Order
TSH-050375 TSH UV-Transparent FS Tubing, 50µm ID, 363µm OD, m - MOQ 10m $ 34.40
Minimum Order
TSH-075375 TSH UV-Transparent FS Tubing, 75µm ID, 363µm OD, m - MOQ 10m $ 34.40
Minimum Order
PressFit Connectors Tubing Cutter for Fused Silica Tubing
PressFit Connectors Tubing Cutter for Fused Silica Tubing

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