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Premium Septa Advanced Green 3

The Advanced Green 3 (AG3) Premium Septum was specifically created to combine significantly longer injection life, low bleed and low injection port adhesion. The result is a green septum you can use for all your critical analysis. The Advanced Green 3 (AG3) Premium Septa are packaged in glass vials for high purity.

  • Longer injection life
  • Low bleed and low injection port adhesion
  • Maximum temperature 350°C (except in the 17mm size)
  • Thickness 3mm (except Shimadzu-style Septa)

Septa, AG3, 5mm, CenterGuide, pk.50 Septa, AG3, 9mm, CenterGuide, pk.50 Septa, AG3, 9.5mm (3/8"), pk.50
Part Number: SA5
Part Number: SA9
Part Number: SA95
$ 99.00
$ 99.00
$ 99.00
Septa, AG3, 11mm (7/16"), CenterGuide, pk.50 Septa, AG3, 11mm (7/16"), CenterGuide, pk.100 Septa, AG3, 11.5mm, CenterGuide, pk.50
Part Number: SA11
Part Number: SA11-100
Part Number: SA115
$ 99.00
$ 182.60
$ 99.00
Septa, AG3, 12.7mm (1/2"), CenterGuide, pk.50 Septa, AG3, 17mm, CenterGuide, pk.50 Septa, AG3, for Shimadzu, pk.50
Part Number: SA127
Part Number: SA17
Part Number: SAS
$ 99.00
$ 101.20
$ 160.60

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