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Titania (Titanium Dioxide)

A completely new base material for HPLC columns, called Titansphere, has been developed by GL Sciences. This material consists of spherical particles of TiO2, which have a smooth surface and ideal physical properties for chromatography. Compared to conventional silica-based materials, Titansphere has several advantages including high selectivity for phosphorylated compounds. Spherically shaped porous particle “Titansphere TiO” (Titanium Dioxide, TiO2) is a high-performing bulk material to enrich and purify phosphopeptides selectively.

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GL-5010-21315 GL Sciences Titansphere Phos-TiO Bulk, 10µm, 500mg, ea. price on request
GL-5020-75010 Titansphere (TiO2) 100Å 10µm, Bulk Material, 500mg, ea. price on request
GL-5020-75000 Titansphere (TiO2) 100Å 5µm, Bulk Material, 500mg, ea. price on request
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