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ITEX Option and Traps

ITEX Option

Thermal desorption offers a cost-saving and high sensitivity alternative to conventional sample preparation methods for the analysis of trace level organic chemicals. The technology combines efficient sample extraction, with selective analyte concentration and rapid transfer of target compounds to the GC, GC-MS system or other vapour-phase analysers like e.g. Enose sensors.

CTC Analytics aim is to supply instruments to customers which make the operation of sample processing simple and transparent. In-line with todays lab requirements for productivity, CTC expanded the application range of it's GC Injector System CombiPAL introducing the ITEX (In-tube extraction) Option. The ITEX Option consists of an add-on module which can be used with any existing or new CombiPAL System. It performs enrichment of volatile or semi-volatile compounds during headspace analysis. A microtrap filled with adsorbent material, such as Tenax or activated charcoal is placed between the CombiPAL Headspace syringe and the syringe needle. Using the HS syringe as a pump, a part of the gaseous phase of the sample vial is pumped repeatedly through the microtrap. This system setup allows rapid, simple and efficient extraction of volatile and semi-volatile sample compounds.

To gain sensitivity simply the number of pumping strokes can be increased or several different vials containing the same sample can be extracted. During thermal desorption into the GC Injector the microtrap is rapidly flash heated and compounds reach the GC column as a narrow band. No cryofocussing is needed to obtain sharp peaks. For applications containing extreme volatile compounds the GC carrier gas may be temporarily shut down to avoid peak broadening.

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CTC-ITEX-2TRAPCSTM3-S10 "ITEX-2" Trap packed with 50% Carboxen 1000 (top) / 50% Carbosieve S III (bottom), pk.3 price on request
CTC-ITEX-2TRAPCSTM3-S9 "ITEX-2" Trap packed with 50% Tenax TA, 80/100 mesh (bottom) / 50% Carboxen 1000, 60/80 mesh (top), price on request
CTC-ITEX-2TRAPCSTM3-S11 "ITEX-2" Trap packed with 66% Tenax TA, 80/100 mesh (bottom) / 34% Carboxen 1000, 60/80 mesh (top), price on request
C-ITEX-2-HT ITEX-2 HT: ITEX-2 Trap Heating Unit price on request
C-PAL-ITEX-2OPT-LHX PAL ITEX-2Opt-LHX: ITEX-2 Option for PAL LHX price on request
C-PAL-ITEX-2OPTION PAL ITEX-2Option: ITEX-2 Option for PAL LHS2 price on request
C-PAL3-ITEX-FAN PAL3 ITEX fan, ea. $ 148.00
C-PAL3-SITEX-KIT PAL3 ITEX Tool, ea. price on request
C-PAL3-ITEX-TRAP-CARBC PAL3 ITEX Trap Carbopack - C 80/100 mesh, ea. $ 682.00
C-PAL3-ITEX-TRAP-CARB-S3 PAL3 ITEX Trap Carbosieve SIII - 60/ 80 mesh, ea. $ 682.00
C-PAL3-ITEX-TRAP-CARB1000 PAL3 ITEX Trap Carboxen 1000 - 60/ 80 mesh, ea. $ 682.00
C-PAL3-ITEX-TRAP-HEATER PAL3 ITEX Trap Heater, ea. $ 731.00
C-PAL3-ITEX-TRAP-MIX-1 PAL3 ITEX Trap Mix1 Tenax TA : Carboxen1000 (Bottom: Top - 1: 1), ea. $ 682.00
C-PAL3-ITEX-TRAP-MIX-2 PAL3 ITEX Trap Mix2 Carbopack C : Carbosieve SIII (Bottom: Top - 2: 1), ea. $ 682.00
C-PAL3-ITEX-TRAP-MIX-3 PAL3 ITEX Trap Mix3 Tenax GR : Carbosieve SIII (Bottom: Top - 1: 1), ea. $ 682.00
C-PAL3-ITEX-TRAP-TXGR PAL3 ITEX Trap Tenax GR - 80/100 mesh, ea. $ 682.00
C-PAL3-ITEX-TRAP-TXTA100 PAL3 ITEX Trap Tenax TA 80/100 mesh, ea. $ 458.00
C-SYRC-ITEX-2-1.3 Replacement ITEX-2 Syringe 1.3ml with Adapter M7x0.5, ea. $ 339.00
C-PLG-ITEX-2-1.3 Replacement Plunger for ITEX-2 Syringe, ea. $ 157.00
CTC-ITEX-2TRAPCSTM3-S1 ITEX-2 Trap packed with Carbopack C, 80/100 mesh, pk.3 $ 1200.00
CTC-ITEX-2TRAPCSTM3-S2 ITEX-2 Trap packed with Tenax GR, 80/100 mesh, pk.3 $ 1200.00
CTC-ITEX-2TRAPCSTM3-S3 ITEX-2 Trap packed with Carboxen 1000, 60/80 mesh, pk.3 $ 1200.00
CTC-ITEX-2TRAPCSTM3-S4 ITEX-2 Trap packed with Carbosieve S III, 60/80 mesh, pk.3 $ 1200.00
CTC-ITEX-2TRAPCSTM3-S5 ITEX-2 Trap packed with Tenax TA, 80/100 mesh / Carbosieve S III, 60/80 mesh, pk.3 $ 1200.00
CTC-ITEX-2TRAPCSTM3-S6 ITEX-2 Trap packed with Carbopack C, 80/100 mesh / Carbosieve S III, 60/80 mesh, pk.3 $ 1200.00
CTC-ITEX-2TRAPCSTM3-S7 ITEX-2 Trap packed with Molecular Sieve 5A, 80/100 mesh, pk.3 $ 1200.00
CTC-ITEX-2TRAPCSTM3-S8 ITEX-2 Trap packed with Tenax GR, 80/100 mesh / Carbosieve S III, 60/80 mesh, pk.3 $ 1200.00
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